Theme Backdrops with Gobo Lighting

Gobo lighting is a staple for any wedding, whether to put a couple’s names in lights, or to project a pattern on the dance floor. But for a new twist, try experimenting with themes and patterns! We recently had a couple request props to create a backdrop with the Eiffel Tower and city skyline. We figured, why not just do it with lighting? Here’s a sneak peak:


To create this look, we used 3 gobo lighting projectors. There is one projector with the moon, one with the Eiffel Tower, and 2 with the city skyline. The night sky effect was created using 2 starry night projectors by Blisslights.

By using the 5 separate gobo projectors, we created a super large backdrop that covered a wall about 40 feet long by 20 feet tall. If you have a client on a budget, you could create a smaller version of the skyline and put the entire design on 1 gobo projector.

To get this look, rent a Pro Gobo Projector! Our $149 package includes the custom design, gobo disc, projector, and free shipping both ways.

Here are a few other shots from our project!

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2 thoughts on “Theme Backdrops with Gobo Lighting

  1. I would like to rent the small Gobo light projector for my birthday party the theme is the Eiffel Tower not really interested in the sky line but the bridge over the Seine River and the river walk would be nice to have with the moon of course. Please quote me a price on this thanks, Maxine


    • Hi Maxine, thanks for your inquiry! To recreate this landscape, we recommend renting 3 Floor Gobos since they are optimal for maximum projection quality. One gobo will be pre-loaded with the moon design, and two gobos will contain the Seine River and river walk, separately. The total rental cost is $313.
      Hope that helps! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions at!


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