Communication Tips For Success

In any industry, effective communication is essential. This is no different in the wedding and event industry. Whether you’re a DJ, a photo booth company, photographer, catering company or whatever business, effective communication is the key to success! Not just communication within your team, but also with your new and existing clients. Here are some great tips, to step up your game and get you booked!

  • Be Personal – If you used a “canned response” don’t forget to add personal details in your replies. Nobody likes canned responses, and your clients are NOT the exception. Address them by their name(s), add their event date, mention their venue details (if you’ve been there).
  • Be Fast – The faster your response time, the more likely you are to get booked! According to a Wedding Wire research survey, couples are 100 TIMES more likely to book the vendor that responds within the first 5 minutes! I’ll be honest, we can’t always reply within 5 minutes, but we try to reply as soon as possible. Definitely reply within 24 hours, as most couples expect a reply within 24 hours. The way I see it, someone is offering to hand you money when you get an email. Why wait up to 24 hours to claim that money? Go get it!
  • Keep it Simple – When you reply to an email, it’s not the time to show off your writing skills and write them an essay. Remember, most of your emails and communication will be done through mobile phones. We get about 80% of our traffic from mobile phones – I check this weekly. This  is about average, so keep this in mind. If you open up an email that is 5 paragraphs long, will you read the entire email? Maybe, maybe not. So be concise and only ask 1-2 questions at a time. We keep it simple by requiring essential info on our contact form. This way, most of the questions are already answered before we even reply!
  • Answer All Questions – This is very important! Always answer your client’s questions. This means they’re INTERESTED in booking with you! Don’t email them a sales pitch and not even address their questions. If you need more info, say that. Say, “in order to give you an exact quote, I need a few more details.” Then, ask your questions, but no more than 1-2 questions at a time. Why? Keep the communication going and develop a rapport with your clients.
  • Use Their Method of Communication – It’s simple. Use the method they used to communicate with you. Don’t force a phone call. I know you may be used to it and the old way of doing things was to get them on the phone. Not anymore. Whether they email, text, Facebook message, chat, or whatever, use that same method to book them! We book 90% of our events WITHOUT a phone call!

These are just a few great tips to keep in mind. I know for a fact that the Rent My Wedding staff take effective communication very seriously! Each time we communicate, I receive a response very quickly! If you’re in a time crunch and need to rent something ASAP, give them a call! Communication is essential in every business. Do all of the above, and you’ll see results!


Jason Rubio is the co-owner and founder of Austin’s Best DJs, a professional DJ & photo booth company that provides music and entertainment for events in the Austin and central Texas area. Jason started his DJ career as a mobile DJ, at age 13, in 1991, and has since DJ’ed thousands of events, providing music and entertainment for clubs, bars, radio, concerts, festivals and various other events.

Jason is also a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, as well as a Master’s of Public Administration, from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Though Jason worked in the education field since 2003, he continued to DJ public and private events, and later founded Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths, with his wife, Diana, who also DJs, in 2012. Today, Austin’s Best DJs provides music and entertainment for approximately 250 public and private events per year, in the Austin and central Texas area.


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